the dreamer

the dreamer


This box is perfectly designed to help you on your way to a great night’s sleep. With a relaxing candle and soothing herbal bath tea, you can begin to relax your mind and body for quality rest. If you’re anything like us you’ll get your best ideas just as you start to drift away, so get those genius ideas into your notebook and free your mind for more important tasks... like sleep!

This box makes a great gift for anyone, including yourself. With today’s hectic lifestyles, we all deserve some decent slumber.

  • Hardback Cloth Journal

  • Wild Camomile, Lavender & Sage Herbal Bath Tea

  • Milk Chocolate with Vanilla

  • Amethyst Crystal

  • Verbena & Eucalyptus Candle

  • Native Sister Keepsake Box

  • Complimentary Hand Written Note

Want to add a little extra? We think you’ll love our camomile tea, or why not try a classic brass frame to really personalise your gift.

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  • ‘It’s written in the stars’ Journal from Designworks - this luxurious, hard back journal has a stunning gold foil constellation print covering the exterior.

  • Wild Camomile, Lavender and Sage Herbal Bath Tea from Yellow Gorse - this beautiful concoction of natural ingredients will aid sleep and calm frazzled nerves. Freshly made this relaxing herbal bath treat will also feed your skin while you unwind. 

  • Mylk + Vanilla Chocolate by Raw Halo - being 100% natural, organic, dairy-free and gluten free makes this scruptiously moreish chocolate also guilt-free - go on have another square!

  • Amethyst Cluster - amethyst is said to calm and relax the nerves. It is also known to aid a peaceful sleep when placed near your pillow during the night.

  • Apothecary Candle from Paddywax - verbena and eucalyptus soy wax blend.

  • Native Sister Keepsake Box - dimensions 280 x 220 x 110 mm