the pure spa

the pure spa


At Native Sister we are all about the importance of self care. This elegant box is designed to let your mind and body unwind and detach from the day’s stresses. This carefully curated collection of mindful products are best enjoyed cosied up at home with the candle lit and a good book in hand.

  • Alpaca Socks

  • Hand Cream (please note: the hand cream pictured has been replaced with honey and jojoba)

  • ‘Rest‘ Candle

  • Coconut and Calendula Soap

  • White Geode Crystal

  • Native Sister Keepsake Box

  • Complimentary Hand Written Note

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  • Alpaca Socks from Tom Lane - luxuriously soft and breathable; the ultimate comfort for wearing around the house.

  • Honey & Jojoba Hand Cream from Plum & Ashby - light in texture with a fragrance that will last for hours, keeping your hands moisturised and smelling divine.

  • ‘Rest’ Candle from Hobo - bergamot, lavender and patchouli candle handcrafted in Lincolnshire with 100% pure essential oils. 120ml recycled clear glass jar with lid - up to 25 hours burn time.

  • Coconut and Calendula Soap from Nurturing Soul - this handcrafted, vegan soap is blended with organic shea butter, coconut milk and dried calendula petals which leaves your hands and body feeling silky smooth and soft. Perfect for those with sensitive skin.

  • White Geode Crystal - these beautiful crystals growing inside a rock help you connect with your inner self and heal from within. 

  • Native Sister Keepsake Box - dimensions 280 x 220 x 110 mm