vintage violet

vintage violet


A elegant nod to the past. This gorgeous combination of luxury goodies and vintage glass mug will no doubt put a smile on the lucky recipient’s face!

  • Vintage Style Glass Mug

  • Cola Cube Sweets

  • Earl Grey Tea

  • Native Sister Petite Keepsake Box

  • Complimentary Hand Written Note

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  • Clear Glass Mug from Bloomingville - it’s true that tea tastes best in your favourite mug. This lovely little vintage style glass mug is certainly one of our favourites. 

  • Cola Cubes from Cartwright & Butler - more so than any other sweet, sum up the taste of the 70s. These are every bit as good as you remember them.

  • Earl Grey Tea from Native Sister - this classic tea is a sumptuous blend of Ceylon and Assam black teas with bergamot and lemon flavouring. The antioxidants in earl grey help promote a healthy immune system. This tea will also boost your energy levels, aid digestion and the bergamot is known to create a calming effect. (To add more tea to any gift check our our range).

  • Native Sister Petite Keepsake Box - dimensions 200 x 160 x 80 mm