the happy couple

the happy couple


Specially designed to celebrate the happy couple.

‘The main preparation we need for marriage is not practical, but philosophical. We need to understand ourselves, our partners, the institution of marriage and the nature of love.’  - The School of Life.

This box is for the couple who wants to plan a future, not just a wedding! So encourage them to relax, pop the bubbles and get down to planning a wonderfully happy future together. The perfect gift for the newly engaged couple.

If you’d like to add a personal touch, why not add a classic brass photo frame with a picture of the happy couple? 

  • Two Champagne Flutes

  • ‘How to get Married’ Book

  • Amber & Smoke Candle

  • Native Sister Keepsake Box

  • Complimentary Hand Written Note

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  • Two Champagne Flutes from Bloomingville - first things first, a toast to the happy couple!

  • 'How to Get Married' Book from The School of Life - “How to Get Married begins by proposing new ways of preparing for a wedding at a psychological level, suggesting how couples should ready themselves for the often tricky journey ahead and how to think through some of the thorniest issues that beset love. The book then presents an entirely practical and thoughtfully redesigned wedding ceremony, from picking out a suitable venue to suggested vows and readings. Finally, the book offers some ideas for how to approach the start of married life. How to Get Married is a bold rethinking of one of humankind’s most important and popular rituals.”

  • Amber & Smoke Paddywax Candle - urban concrete candle. Once the candle has melted this city-inspired vessel makes the perfect home for a small succulent or cactus.

  • Native Sister Keepsake Box - dimensions 280 x 220 x 110 mm