A Guide to Thoughtful Gifting this Christmas



Come November 1st, Halloween is officially out and all of a sudden the count down to Christmas begins. ‘Tis the season for consuming copious amounts of chocolate and pumpkin spiced lattes, guilt free (until January at least!), so what’s not to love!?

For many people the joy of Christmas is tainted with the fear of trying to find that perfect gift. More than 40% of shoppers say they worry about buying their family and friends the “wrong” gift. However, new research has revealed that the majority of people (96%!!) value the thought behind a gift more than the gift itself.

If you are one the 40% who dreads the shops this season, or maybe you just want to up your gifting-game, here are our top tips on giving thoughtfully this Christmas no matter what the budget.... 

It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.
— Mother Teresa

1.  Make it personal & unique to them

Get down to the nitty gritty with a notepad and pen and start brainstorming! What brought you together and makes your bond so unique? Maybe it’s a shared hobby, work or school... Chances are this is something you can incorporate into your gift. 

If you’re short on funds at this time of year (and lets face it who isn’t?) why not give a gift that you can pay for later? Plan a road trip with a personalised soundtrack featuring all of their favourite bands. If you’re foodies like us, make it a food crawl and plan the route to include some insta-worthy eateries. Not a foodie fan? You could schedule stops to take in some art galleries, gigs, hill walking or whatever it is that you and your recipient bond over the most. It’ll be these little details that show that this is not merely a car journey but an adventure!

This gift is all about getting away and spending quality time making memories that one day you’ll both look back on and cherish.

field notes cropped.jpg

2.  Spend time, not money

We’ve all been there; it’s Christmas eve and you’ve left the most important (hardest) gift to last. The temptation is to head to the shops and panic buy something with the highest price tag, hoping that it will pass as thoughtful. Here is our personal favourite thoughtful gift on a budget; the gift of time! 

All you need for this one are 12 envelopes; one for each month of the year. Within each envelope include note card with a pre-planned activity you can do together. 

At the beginning of each month open the allotted envelope together and set a date for the activity. Voila - enjoy a year full of fun!

envelopes months.jpg

Life can get busy and it’s all too easy to forget to make time for each other. By organising or at least coming up with the activity idea in advance, this gift ensures you and the recipient spend quality time with one another.

A few activity ideas to go inside the envelopes... 

  • All day movie marathon in your PJ’s

  • Sign up for a cookery course 

  • 90’s night in - no mobile phones!

  • Tickets to see their favourite band

  • Picnic in the park (slightly harder to plan when you live north of the wall!)

3. Get crafty

Now, I know what you’re thinking, but anyone, even the least artistic person can get crafty when it comes to wrapping! If you’re not confident, keep it simple. A sheet of brown paper and some ribbon can go a long way! Why not jazz it up with a candy cane or a sprig of holly?

Not only does brown paper look great it’s also recyclable and cost friendly unlike most wrapping paper - so just one more thing to feel smug about!

brown paper wrap ideas.jpg

4. Let us do the hard part for you...

We have a great selection of unique, ready made gift boxes which can also be customised. Products can be swapped or added, so your loved one will receive something completely tailored to their tastes.

We also offer entirely bespoke boxes; just let us know what your ideas and requirements are and we’ll do he hard work for you.

Our aim is to make buying beautiful and thoughtful gifts as effortless as possible, while at the same time ensuring it still feels personal - the recipient will never know you didn’t spend hours putting it together yourself.

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